Our Services

Car Clinic MOT Centre Leicester can help diagnose engine faults and fit replacement parts if you suspect that there may be a fault with your car. Our state of the art vehicle diagnostics will highlight the problem with your vehicle and we will look to fix and/or replace that particular part at fault, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

MOT Centre

We offer competetive rates for MOT checks to ensure your vehicle is road worthy and safety approved.


If a dashboard warning light has appeared in your car, you don’t need to pay main dealer prices for a diagnostics check; you can call into Car Clinic MOT Centre Leicester for a lower-cost diagnosis while you wait.

Quality Assurance

At Car Clinic MOT Centre Leicester we carry out full servicing backed by our full parts and labour guarantee.


Regular car servicing maximises the lifespan of your car and maintains its resale value. Here at Car Clinic MOT Centre Leicester, our technicians are trained to complete services on all makes and models of car.


Battery failures can happen almost without warning. If you would like peace of mind that yours is in good working order pop in for a free battery check and our expert technicians will check your battery’s health


We repair and replace most types of exhausts so your vehicle ommits less C02 ommissions and sounds good

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